Purdue University Students Prepare for the American Forage and Grassland Conference Forage Bowl

The Purdue University Forage Bowl team looks forward to competing against other universities at the Wichita, Kansas based American Forage and Grassland Conference in early January 2022.The four-member Purdue University team of forage enthusiasts (left-to-right) Sarah Jones, Jessica Peterson, Emily Nealy, and Colleen Jones meet weekly to prepare for the “Forage Bowl Competition” with their coach Dr. Keith Johnson, Purdue Professor of Agronomy and Forage Extension Specialist. This interaction with one another is a form of learning outside of the traditional classroom that will reinforce what has been learned in the classroom, introduce new topics for learning, and create life-long memories. The Indiana Forage Council has purchased Purdue shirts for the team to wear at the competition. Go Boilers!

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