2020 AFGC

American Forage & Grassland Conference

Pictured (left to right): Keith Johnson, Victor Shelton, Clay Nuhring, Rose Nuhring, Shelby Gruss, Jason Tower, Kaleigh Krieger, Rachel, Imel, LeAnna Shearer, Garret, Alka, and Byron Sleugh. Not pictured: Greg Downing

Many Indiana residents made their way to Greenville, South Carolina for the American Forage and Grassland Conference on January 5 – 8. 2020.

Forage Bowl Competition

Purdue University’s Forage Bowl Team competed at the 2020 American Forage and Grassland Conference’s Forage Bowl Competition in Greenville, South Carolina. Played like the game “Jeopardy,” the Purdue team squared off against five other collegiate teams. All four team members were students in Keith Johnson’s Forage Management class in the spring semester of 2019. The team thanks The Indiana Forage Council for the sponsorship of the student’s Purdue attire for the event.

Forage Spokesperson Competition

Pictured: Rose & Clay Nuhring

Clay Nuhring, a member of the Indiana Forage Council, from Batesville, IN represented the Indiana Forage Council in the Forage Spokesperson Competition. Participants in the Forage Spokesperson Competition tell their story about use of forages in their farming business.

Emerging Scientist Competition

Shelby Gruss, a Ph.D. student in the Purdue University Agronomy Department was the recipient of first place in the Emerging Scientist Competition at the 2020 American Forage and Grassland Conference. Under the direction of Dr. Mitch Tuinstra, her research investigates an experimental brown midrib sorghum-sudangrass that does not produce prussic acid. She utilized field harvests, drone imagery, and trail cameras to document the preference of sheep three sorghum-sudangrass hybrids and a sudangrass hybrid by sheep.

Video Competition

2019 was the first year for a video competition at the American Forage and Grassland Conference. Jason Tower, Indiana Forage Council Past President and just elected to a three year term as an Education Director for the American Forage and Grassland Council, submitted an entry.  Watch the Video!


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